Project management

Understanding IT and management

To us, project management goes beyond simply checking off Excel lists. Leveraging our experience as SAP consultants, we understand how to effectively support IT project teams in achieving successful project outcomes. Within the following areas, we can empower you and your team with our expertise:

 Project management

  • Effort estimation
  • Project planning
  • Resource planning
  • Project controlling
  • Coordination
  • Team mangement( including
    digital & cross-functional teams)
  • Project communication
  • Programm management
  • Multiproject management


  • Waterfall
  • Scrum (agile)
  • Hybrid

Effective coordination and meticulous organization form the foundation for the successful execution of projects. With proactive planning and regular monitoring, project management ensures the optimal balance of time, scope, and budget components.

We possess extensive experience in leading complex programs and projects across multiple SAP systems in an international environment. Managing digital, cross-functional teams has become second nature to us. Additionally, we are well-versed in utilizing modern tools for project execution and product development, such as Jira and Confluence, tailoring them to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences.